Your 1st Visit to Miller Chiropractic


As you enter Miller Chiropractic you will be greeted by Missy at the Check-in, Check-out counter.


After you have either filled out your paperwork or handed it in if you downloaded it and completed it. Ms. Eliane or Ms. Missy will then show you to the examination room where a formal introduction will be made and your initial examination will be completed.


A range of motion study, reflexes, blood pressure, height, weight, pinwheel differences, orthopedic and neurological studies will be performed. If needed gait analysis will be performed.

From there you will be escorted to the x-ray room for x-rays. We x-ray every patient for your protection. We do not want to guess when it comes to your spine.


After your x-rays, depending on how you are doing, massage, traction and or muscle stimulation may be applied. We do not adjust on the first visit because there is not ample time to review your case and recommend appropriate care. After those steps are taken then you will be released and rescheduled for your Report of Findings.